Hornady V-MAX 22 (.224) 50gr projectiles 100 pack (while stocks last)

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Hornady’s V-Max bullets feature a polymer tip that enhances accuracy by raising the ballistic coefficient for faster velocity and helping to stabilise the bullet in flight. The tip has a cavity between its shaft and the bullet body. On impact, this allows the tip to build up energy before smashing into the core, causing rapid expansion and fragmentation. The copper jacket ensures maximum stability out of the barrel, and the jacket is built to withstand the fast twist rates of the most advanced varmint rifles. A twist rate of 1 in 12 or faster is recommended for optimal performance. This is not loaded ammunition.

Diameter: .224 in

Weight: 50 grains

Style: polymer tip

Sectional density: 0.142

Ballistic coefficient: 0.242

To purchase this product, you must be an Alpine member, hold a NSW Cat. A/B firearms licence, and collect your purchase from the Club Armourer.