Hornady 6.5MM (.264) 140gr ELD Match projectiles 100 pack (while stocks last)

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Hornady ELD (Extremely Low Drag) bullets are designed to deliver ultra-high consistency and unmatched accuracy. The Heat Shield tip resists aerodynamic heating, ensuring a perfect meplat (tip) that never changes shape and that outperforms BTHP bullets. The AMP jacket guarantees superb consistency in both concentricity and wall thickness. These plus the streamlined secant ogive and optimum boattail design create a supremely accurate, high-BC match bullet. This is not loaded ammunition.

Diameter: 0.264

Weight: 140 grains

Style: Boat Tail Hollow Point

Product line: ELD Match

Sectional density: .287

Ballistic coefficient: .610 (G1), .305 (G7)

Note: Hornady does not recommend the use of match bullets for hunting.

To purchase this product, you must be an Alpine member, hold a NSW Cat. A/B firearms licence, and collect your ammunition from the Club Armourer.