Thompson Encore Pro Hunter single-shot shotgun

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Thompson/Center is one of America’s leading gunmakers, justly famed for its switch-barrel firearms. Its unrivalled variety of interchangeable platforms allow you to create your ideal gun from a huge range of stocks and barrels, from .204 to .500 S&W Mag, as well as shotgun barrels. In the field, you can carry multiple barrels and rapidly adapt your calibre to the demands of the hunt. The action of this Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter single-shot shotgun can also be used for centrefire and rimfire rifle and pistol.  Additional barrels, stocks and forends are sold separately. Smooth-bore turkey shotgun barrel Adjustable open sights Scope mountable (scope not included)

To purchase this product, you must be a member of Alpine, hold a NSW Category A/B firearms licence, have a valid Permit to Acquire, and collect your firearm from the Club Armourer at Anzac Range, Malabar.