Optimus HBC .308 155gr HPBT projectiles (55c ea)

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Australian-based Optimus HBC Projectiles claim their Dyer .308 HPBT bullets offer “Total consistency every time”, and prize-winning shooters all over the country agree. The superior quality of Optimus’ factory plant and equipment ensures the consistency of the projectile jacket's concentricity—an often overlooked key to precision shooting success.  500 projectiles for $250, 100 for $55, or 55 cents per projectile.

  • Weight: 155 grBullet (and overall projectile) length: 1.220 in
  • Meplat: < 0.020G1 BC: 0.462G7 BC: 0.236
  • Boattail: 7%
  • Bearing surface length: 0.350 in

To purchase this product, you must be a member of Alpine, hold a NSW Category A/B firearms licence, and collect your projectiles in person from the Club Armourer.