Dewey cleaning rod and brush adapter

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If you’re looking for a top-notch cleaning rod, Dewey is your answer. Its nylon-coated rods will not peel or pick up abrasives, and their dual-track ball-bearing handles allow them to rotate with the rifling of your barrel. Dewey use male threads (12/28 thread pitch) because they allow for a far thicker coating than female-threaded rods and a stronger connection to the rod attachment. They can be used on shotguns via a separate adapter and patch loop. These 36-inch-long .30-cal rods (model 30C-36) fit all calibres from .27 to .50 cal. They come with a Dewey 30J (female threaded) brass jag and an LGBA brush adapter, which allows the rod to accept standard brushes with male threads. They may also be used on shotguns by adding the SBA adapter and SPL patch loop.