TRY SHOOTING (Covid Virus Suspended)

Try Shooting with Alpine (Currently Suspended, email club to book your future interest)

is as easy as 1-2-3...    [The club is still assisting new members with firearms licence applications, signup for full membership today]

1 Become a Full Member of our Club. (See Membership page for details.)

2 Purchase a Try Shooting session on this site.

3 Download, print and fill in a Firearms Registry P650 form.

4 Organize a face mask and disposable gloves and your own hand sanitiser.

5 Complete your membership application online at this website.


To Try Shooting, you need to comply with all legal and safety requirements. Before you come to the range, please check that you have:

If you do not have the above items your Try Shooting session will have to be postponed until you do.

In due course you will need to apply to NSW Firearms Registry to obtain your firearms license and ultimately purchase your own firearm.

Map of the range: